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Engineering Activities

The Office offers many different services of consultancy in the following fields:

  • Architecture and civil engineering (Design & Supervision).
  • Decoration works- internal designs (Design & Supervision).
  • Sites beautification and coordination (Design & Supervision).
  • Buildings electrical, mechanical and health works (Design & Supervision).
  • Lands survey (Design & Supervision).

Our works in the above mentioned fields include the designation and execution of private and investing one- floor and two –floor buildings (villas), residential buildings and campuses, multi – floor buildings, industrial building and stores, and building of public utilities such  as mosques, shops, police stations, Eid pray- places, swimming pools, car cleaning places and schools.

The Office is interested in the elements of local and Arab heritage in preparing the architectural drawings of projections and front sides suiting the required careers with the use of modern construction systems in carrying out these buildings and performing these services.

Governmental Institutions Requesting Consultancy Services

Al Hosn Office of Engineering Consultancy is interested in serving both sectors, public and private, and those citizens or even investors who would like to make any kind of construction. The Office is registered to cooperate with all the following departments

  • Private Department in Abu Dhabi.
  • Engineering and Technical Office in Abu Dhabi.
  • Works Department in Abu Dhabi and AlAin.
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning.
  • Al- Ain Municipality and Town Planning.
  • Planning Department in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ministry of Public Works in Dubai.
  • Authority of Social Care in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
  • Authority of Water and Electricity in Abu Dhabi.
  • Department of Social Service and Commercial Buildings, Authority of Residential Loans.


The Office is reliable by all of these departments through their continuous invitations for schemes competitions and tenders that are announced to be supported by all consultancy services of designation and supervision. Many schemes have been referred to us to be carried out.

The engineering cadre of the office is assisted by a technical team of different specializations to carry out any orders or directions precisely as planned.

The Schemes submitted or being submitted by the Office

  • Governmental Schemes
  • Private Houses.
  • Commercial and Industrial Building
  • Investing villas and mosques

Other Potential Services

The Office is interested in training the student of the UAE University, Higher Colleges of Technology, and Ajman University for Science and Technology during their summer vacations to give them what they need of practical experience to support their scientific knowledge.


In addition, the Office is concerned in participating in any sport or social activities that held in some certain occasions such as the Giving Marathon that was done in Al Ain , the Sport League Olympics that was held for the governmental institutions in the Stadium of Sheik Sultan Bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

External Co-operation & Participation

As one of the most significant points that Al Hosn Office of Consultancy Services takes into consideration, the external cooperation with other Arab and foreign offices of consultancy services in order to develop its engineering consultancy experiences and be more qualified to get into any competitions and tenders posed in market and to exchange information and establish a strong database for the future.

Among these co-operations and participations are in the following table:   

Serial No.




Arab Engineering Consultants Office, Egypt,    Cairo

(Designing and Supervising)           Police School           AL – Oha- Al Ain : 1998


Stanley Big Partners,           UK- London

(Designing and Supervising)           Al Wathaba Prison and Al Ain Prison,           Al Ain : 1997


Dasheen & Suhil for Engineering    consultancies

(Designing and Supervising)           Public Garden in Al Rehab           Abu Dhabi : 2002